Analysis of the website of Shanghai Dragon (1) state diagnosis website

Optimization of

1. with the standard of W3C. The purpose of the optimization is in line with the W3C standard, accord with the standard of spider crawling, more important is to provide a convenient and easy to use to view your site. In the United States, some users not to use IE to browse the Internet content, many users will use some of the other browsing tools, such as: Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera etc.. If the site is not using the W3C standard, then use the other browsers, you cannot see these sites. Therefore, the site in the implementation of the deployment of the site noticed this, is good. Because the influence factors of Shanghai dragon is very large.

1. weight reflected: domain name registration time: 2007-8-7; PR:2; love Shanghai included: 274, snapshot: 2011-3-3; reverse link: 2840

is a pointer to the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis has already done the website, what problems are analyzed from the angle of Shanghai dragon, how should be improved. Including Shanghai dragon keywords and website internal optimization and external links to the three part, focuses on the problems of internal website optimization. Starting today left regularly on some sites website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, and published by the webmaster, want to give you the diagnosis is a federal website today.

2. the site took the DIV+CSS page layout design. The search engine and the visitor’s browsing habits are generally from top to bottom, from left to right, and the search engine access code, and pages do not beautiful degree, so in the website, the key content in a web page position is particularly important. Because of the simple structure, and in accordance with the standard, using DIV+CSS to build the website by the search engine ranking on the website of the love, which has certain advantages.


domain is composed of 8 letters English international domain name, the domain name is the name of the enterprise and the English translation, in favor of Shanghai dragon. In view of the snapshot slowly, in order to show more friendly to spiders, should keep daily at a particular time of updating the website (pointing to the spider feed, do SEF).

2. web site architecture is the overall search engine love:

domain name: www.bondidea贵族宝贝

Name: state _ global professional wireless peripherals provider

3. directory level and directory file name. To the search engine, is from the root directory in turn down and began to crawl content page is stored in the 2-3 directory, search engines will grab more effort, so many contents are included; the directory file name contains keywords is a great skill in Shanghai dragon. An important factor is the impact of a directory path and file name of the search engine rankings, many people are very easy to overlook this point. The site builders have noticed this very not.

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