The Countermeasures under the background of different sites suffered punishment

third, K station punishment. This basically on many websites is a devastating blow, let love Shanghai think this site has no cure, there are a large number of black chain, keyword stuffing, a large number of advertising content, even more than the content of the website related keywords, the station group and cheating, and many have been K station website of friends the chain, this site will usually be included outside Shanghai out of love.

for this kind of punishment.

respond to this punishment generally only need to update the original content of high quality, making 404 page to avoid dead links, and improve the stability of the site space, at the same time to update some of the high quality of the chain, it often helps to quickly restore the site’s ranking, if the effect is good, can be fully recovered in 3 days.

for this punishment must immediately stop the black hat optimization method, and a good location site keywords, and keyword stuffing thoroughly removed, then the chain to optimize the site, find some high quality chain to help your site to recover, screening to be done at the same time good content, for a large collection of content deletion of the appropriate, at the same time every day to update the content of high quality, and appropriately increase the number of updates per day, the increase in the number of fast recovery to help website.

second, moderate punishment. This kind of punishment has a certain extent, if not promptly corrected, very easy to enter and be K stand severe punishment. The reasons for this punishment will be a lot of because the site uses some methods of cheating, such as the purchase of a black link, a wide range of change, and the website title appears keyword stuffing, there is the content of the website of poor quality, less original content, the garbage outside the chain of more. This punishment is often the site ranking fell sharply, the weight of hours and the home page, the inside pages included also began to decrease.

often walk by the river which have not wet shoes, in the website optimization circle to do things, and ultimately will encounter a web site is down right, but now the love for Shanghai website down right before has not as so violent, will use a variety of ways on the site for different degrees of punishment, so as to help webmasters change the operation strategy of their own, after all, now operating a website is not easy, if yigunzidasi, will encounter many webmasters boycott, which is obviously not in love with the sea to see, is that we should carefully analyze Shanghai love to different degrees of punishment, and then puts forward the corresponding countermeasures, so as soon as possible restore the site weight and ranking.

first, with slight punishment strategy. In fact, a slight punishment from a sense of love is more Shanghai a warning behavior on the web, for the influence of the website is relatively small, the penalty is mainly because of the emergence of a number of irrelevant content many webmaster web page, there are more dead links, keywords is not prominent. There is some site space stability is poor, sometimes not open the site, this time on site on the Shanghai love love Shanghai sandbox were observed.

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