Iowa State’s New Uniform Is Confusing Everyone Watching Today

first_imgIowa State in its black alternate uniforms against TCU.ESPN2Iowa State hosts TCU in Ames today. You probably wouldn’t recognize the Cyclones at first glimpse, though.ISU broke out special alternate uniforms for today’s game. They have people pretty confused.Typically, the Cyclones wear gold and cardinal uniforms. Today, they are in black and white.⚪️⚫️⚪️#ProveIt🌪🚨🌪— Cyclone Football (@CycloneFB) October 2, 2019 👀👀#ProveIt🌪🚨🌪— Cyclone Football (@CycloneFB) October 2, 2019A look from the field at Jack Trice Stadium today:Smiling wide for Chase’s first touchdown😁😁😁Q1:ISU 7TCU 0#cyclONEnation | #ProveIt— Iowa State Athletics (@CycloneATH) October 5, 2019To be clear, it isn’t a bad look. There are definitely some fans of the black and white alternates. the source of much confusion is how much they look like some of TCU’s jersey options.The dark gray and black options look very similar here, aside from the purple accents.We will have 4 grab bags for sale @TCU_Athletics Spring Sale. Full football uniforms. Mystery bag, choose one and hope for your favorite combo. #SpringSale19— TCU Equipment (@TCU_Equipment) April 2, 2019Fans are pretty split between enjoying these uniforms, hating them, and just being confused by the whole thing.I love this uniform combination. What I don’t love about it is the timing of wearing it. The combination looks very TCU-ish with Iowa State playing TCU this weekend.— Adam Ring (@AdamERing) October 2, 2019These #IowaState uniforms are awful. When the game started I thought I was watching UCF.— Lee Sterling (@paramountsports) October 5, 2019Iowa State’s uniform colors make them almost identical to TCU. It’s….super confusing.— Fake Kirk Ferentz (@Faux_Ferentz) October 5, 2019I am a fan of different uniforms, but if I can’t tell who you are when I turn on the game, it’s a marketing fail imho. The Iowa State #Cyclones unis today are exactly that. No clue turning on the game who they are. I know #CyclONEnation will hate this take but branding matters.— Tim Fisher (@TimFisherOnAir) October 5, 2019Am I the only one that thinks the brightness looks boosted for the Iowa State/TCU game on ESPN2? The field looks almost lime green and the white helmets and uniforms are blinding.— Not a College Football “Expert” (@DTSportsAddict) October 5, 2019Luckily, for this game, TCU went with a white look, so you can tell the two apart. At first glance, you certainly wouldn’t know you were watching an Iowa State game though.Fresh out the cleaners… 🔥🔥🔥#FrogThreads🐸 #GoFrogs— TCU Football (@TCUFootball) October 3, 2019Iowa State leads its Big 12 foe 7-3 early in the second quarter.Cyclones quarterback Brock Purdy is off to a fast start. He is 8-for-9 for 85 yards, and a touchdown throw to Chase Allen. He also has four rushes for 54 yards. The Horned Frog defense is having an incredibly tough time slowing him down so far.TCU cut the lead to four on its last drive, with a field goal by Jonathan Song after a 10 play, 53 yard drive.Today’s game is being broadcast on ESPN2.last_img