Your Nonprofit Fundraising Software Checklist

first_imgNonprofit Fundraising Software ChecklistYour organization should have a website that tells visitors all about your cause and establishes credibility for your organization. Nonprofit fundraising software ties in closely with your website and other marketing and fundraising efforts, but is specifically designed for accepting donations online, and has different criteria. Here are some of the main considerations in designing donation software.Branded: Nonprofit fundraising software should look like your organization’s other materials, such as your website and brochures. Donors will recognize your familiar color scheme, fonts and logo. These should be consistent on your donation page so donors are comfortable that they are actually still on your site and have not been misdirected to any other online site designed to scam them out of their money. Consistency in branding from your other material to your donation page also helps to maintain the passion that brought the donor there.Single page: Your website can (and should) have multiple pages and engage visitors in all aspects of your cause and your organization. Your donation page, however, should be one page. When a donor is ready to make a contribution, they need to be able to take that action without delay or distraction.Simple forms: Donation software requires some personal information. Smart people are naturally sensitive about sharing this information online, so it is important to make your donation page as noninvasive as possible. Forms should include the minimum number of fields required to get the essential data that is required. It can be tempting to ask additional questions, such as a survey about how they came to your website or what is most important about your cause, but though it seems like the perfect time to ask, experience has proven otherwise. The more fields a donor has to fill out, the more likely they are to leave the page without completing the donation.Focus on donation: Your message may be multifaceted, but your donation page should be laser-focused on its one goal: accepting donations online. In designing a donation page, every facet should direct users toward that action. The layout and content make donors comfortable, keep them inspired and make clear exactly what to do to make their donations.Recurring gift option: The option to make a donation recurring should be easy to find, and simple to activate. This single option can greatly increase donations with no further work for your organization.Immediate acknowledgement: Thanking donors may seem like a matter of simple good manners, but is actually one of your most valuable fundraising tools. Repeat donors have reported that the main reason they stop donating to a particular organization is lack of communication, or that they don’t feel their contribution is appreciated. A donation page should respond with a confirmation that the donation was successfully completed, and graciously thank the donor.Since 2001, Network for Good has helped over 100,000 nonprofit organizations raise more than $1 billion online. To discuss how we can help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts, contact us today or call 1-888-284-7978 x1.last_img