Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit Organization

first_imgFundraising ideas are important for any nonprofit, and one of the most important new approaches is to take your campaign online. Sometimes it’s an addition to the regular routine, and sometimes you may conduct the entire fundraiser online, but either way, here are some great pointers for making your online fundraising successful.Tell a Great StoryMission: One story you can tell is your mission. Be sure to include the situation or events that started it all and who the prime mover was. If it was you, don’t downplay your role. Share your passion for the cause. A popular adage that’s repeated frequently in sales is that people buy from someone that they know, like and trust. The same holds true for charitable donations. You want people to know you, like you, and trust you. That clearly applies to your organization, but if you can make it true of the leaders as well, then so much the better.Volunteer: If you feel the mission has been done enough, feature a story about an outstanding volunteer. You not only communicate how much you value your volunteers (and make that one feel really special), but you also inspire others to volunteer, too. Interview the volunteers (informally is fine!) and find out what makes them passionate about the cause. In telling their stories, share why they put so much effort into your work, how it rewards them, and how they found you.Beneficiary: This is a big one (and the most powerful) if your organization serves individuals or groups of people, as opposed to a non-human cause like keeping the internet free, for example. Tell the story of a person whom you have served, and tell how their life was better as a result. If you can paint a picture of how bad their situation was, and then explain exactly how much money or work went into the project, describing what was done, and then show a great result, people will want to be part of that. It is extremely effective if you can tell them some specific benefit the recipient will get for a specific donation amount.Reach Out with VideoVideo sounds intimidating, but really it shouldn’t. Your video skills are good enough to get started with nonprofit fundraising projects if you can make a video with your smartphone or camera and upload it to your desktop or other computer. If you can afford a professional videographer, by all means, hire one. It will make the whole process easier for you. Chances are, though, if you are just starting out with video, you haven’t budgeted much for it. But, fear not! Making video isn’t complicated, and thanks to modern technology, you can get good quality from a simple camera. Here are a couple of tips for making video.Make sure your video tells a story. The ideas above are all great video topics. Lay out the story before you film it, so you know where you are going. Random scenery or conversation is not the same as telling a story.The good news is that the most popular videos online are actually short. Under two minutes is perfect, so don’t worry about making something elaborate. Just tell your story, and if you can throw in some humor, it helps make people stick with you.Be sure to include a “call to action.” That just means tell people what you want them to do. A “call to action” will typically be a “donate now” button to get to your donation page.Network for Good has a blog with more free information on how to be successful at nonprofit fundraising. We also have specialists available to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts, so contact us today or call 1-888-284-7978 x1.last_img