The best email ever

first_imgI am swimming in so much very bad email that when I get a dazzling one – in the form of a newsletter from a nonprofit, no less – I just have to highlight it here.This was the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s monthly e-newsletter. And it is so good, I was truly feeling the marketing joy. Instead of the usual “here’s an update on our nonprofit, blah, blah,” you see a story. You glance at the headline and photo, and you just have to read on. It’s about a dad and his son and quality time — which taps right into one of the strongest emotional currents (pun intended) of readers. Just like those McDonald’s ads some years ago that cleverly tied Happy Meals to quality time with your kids (never mind they’ll get fat), this email ties the aquarium into something all parents seek – bringing joy to and bonding with their child. And for far more noble reasons than McDonald’s. The story is so feel-good, you’re just dying to take action — and there’s a link to sign up for the experience you just read about. My only quibble is the call to action could have been more visually prominent, but hey – the story is good enough to make it worth seeking out the link. I’d be there this weekend if it weren’t 3,000 miles away!The final words on the email:The casual day trip was a life-changing experience. Said his Dad: “It’s the best thing we’ve ever done together. Period.”Underwater Explorers—and all of our Aquarium Adventures for kids and adults—continue on a full schedule through Labor Day, September 4. There’s plenty of time to have a life-changing experience of your own.Hope you’ll see this and be inspired to completely overhaul your email newsletter. One good story is better than lots of little updates that look like a cluttered newspaper page. One call to action is better than ten — or none.last_img