The cobbler’s children, the weeds, the way out

first_imgI must use this phrase every other day — “the cobber’s children have no shoes.” I’m talking about myself. While I consider myself quite adept at doling out advice, I’m not always as talented at distancing myself from the daily grind enough to apply all that strategic counsel to my own work. I also spend a lot of time mumbling about how I am down in the weeds of my work. That’s one reason why I love blogging, reading blogs and doing workshops. I always learn something by being forced to step out of the weeds. In that spirit, here are three big, out-of-the-weeds thoughts from other bloggers that are worth your time:1.) You can be stickier, say Chip & Dan Heath and Guy Kawasaki (I will be reviewing this book – a review copy was sent to me – on this blog soon!)2.) Your brand can be bigger. Donor Power blog asks, is it a) packaging or b) a movement? The right answer is …3.) You can break the cliches. (Thanks for the link to the great blog, LifeHacker.) I guess this means I should stop saying things like “out of the weeds.” The cobbler’s children, indeed.Relatedly, fellow blogger Nancy Schwartz has asked me to ask you to take her survey on your strategic concerns for the coming year. You might want want to take a few minutes to do it, because the questions are another out-of-the-weeds exercise. She promises to share the results so we can get some new ideas for the New Year.last_img