The Rundown: Gundy Talks After Tech Loss About QB Play, Turnovers and More

first_imgThere are usually a few sticking points in Mike Gundy’s postgame news conferences, and Saturday’s were turnovers and big plays.Oklahoma State lost to Texas Tech 45-35 in Lubbock, and those things Gundy mentioned played a big piece in that loss. Here are all the things Gundy touched on in his post-Tech presser.• “Obviously we didn’t play very well.”• The big points are the 5-0 turnover differential and the big plays the OSU defense allowed.• “We held them to 2-of-13 on third down, but we gave up too many big plays on the other downs.”• “They made the plays; we didn’t. And they forced us into turnovers, and we couldn’t ever catch up.”• The offensive line didn’t project Spencer Sanders well, particularly in the first quarter.• “I think run blocking we were OK. From the outside looking in, I just don’t think we protected very well. He had pressure from the beginning of the game, and I think that had something to do with our interceptions.”• “I want to go back and watch and see how many of those throws he was pressured on, but I think sometimes when they’re young like that, if it happens kinda like that early, they get a little flustered. (Sanders) really was OK on the sideline. I just think they got a lot of pressure on us.”• “They did a nice job coaching. Honestly, we got outcoached, and we got outplayed when it comes to the turnovers. Maybe I worked them too hard. I worked them really hard this week. I’ve worked them really hard the last two weeks. We’re in Week 9 without a break, and I very well could’ve worked them too hard.”• On what he tells Sanders after a loss like that: “The truth. Once we watch the tape, just exactly what happened. ‘On this play, here’s what happened. You did get some pressure.’ ‘You need to do a better job of keeping two hands on the ball in the pocket.’ Things like that. Just tell him the truth. Exactly what happened. And if we didn’t do a good job of protecting, then we let those guys up front know, and then we talk as a group.“Then as the coaches, we have to say, ‘Maybe we had too much in. Maybe we didn’t get enough reps on enough stuff. We put them out there and didn’t give them a chance for success.’ We all have to look in the mirror and try to come up with what the issues were, put a plan in place and then we gotta practice it.”• Tech had a safety over the top of Tylan Wallace “a majority of the time.”• This game felt just like games like TCU last year.• “There haven’t been many times in our career where we’re out of a game, where we’re onsiding to stay alive. Really, that’s kind of where we were today.”• “We had been pretty good tacklers this year. We weren’t good tacklers today.”• On if he ever considered going to Dru Brown: “No because we thought we were having some protection problems. I want to say the first two interceptions were based on protection issues. If that’s true, it’s hard to blame (Sanders). I might watch the tape and see differently, but that was my gut feeling.”• “Even is (Sanders) is to blame, then he has to learn from mistakes and develop as a young player. If he leans or relies or puts everything out there on games we’ve already played, that would make for short careers for quarterbacks, particularly young.”• “We couldn’t get out of our own way.”• “We made (Jett Duffey) look real good. … He played fairly well today. I think he gained confidence as it went on. We allowed that to happen.”• “There was a lot of blame to be put around: quarterbacks, offensive line, corners, coaches, everybody. But in the big picture, if you turn the ball over that many times, no matter what forced those turnovers, and if you give up big plays, it’s difficult to win, and that’s what we did today.” While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img