Power Rankings: Junior jumps up poll

first_imgJunior rises five spots following impressive Pocono showing; Truex tanks seven Note: These rankings have been determined by a poll that included writers Kenny Bruce, Holly Cain, David Caraviello and Zack Albert, and video host Alan Cavanna. 1. Jimmie Johnson       Outlook: Johnson’s lofty lead of 51 points over Carl Edwards means that, yes, he could miss an entire race and keep his hold of first place; which he may have to do because his pregnant wife is due in September. It’s as if he planned this all along.Standings: 1st, 521 points2. Carl Edwards          Outlook: Edwards admits in his “Big Brain Theory” appearance that he’s crashed a car in basically every way possible. Luckily, he didn’t crash at Pocono, but he still ended up 18th. Standings: 2nd, 470 points3. Matt Kenseth            Outlook: Another week, another unfortunate occurrence for Kenseth, who seems to either win a race, get knocked out by an accident he doesn’t cause or have a blown engine. This week’s culprit? Juan Pablo Montoya.Standings: 6th, 418 points4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.    Outlook: Most expected to see Junior get his mojo back soon, but according to most predictions, it came a week early at Pocono. With Michigan International Speedway, the site of his last two wins, on the horizon, Earnhardt has a chance to really pick up some steam. Standings: 4th, 439 points                     Change            High/Low            6. Kyle Busch             Outlook: Naturally, in Busch’s first week of looking for his 100th career top-five finish in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, he placed sixth. He could have to wait another week for the century mark, as just three of the 99 have come at Michigan. Standings: 7th, 412 points7. Kevin Harvick             Outlook: Now that Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth each have a trifecta of victories, the page turns to the next trio of drivers with a shot to join the club in Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Kasey Kahne. What do you think? Standings: 5th, 434 points8. Kasey Kahne             Outlook: Stricken by mechanical issues on the very first lap, Kahne had no realistic shot to make any progress in the standings. He does run reasonably well at Michigan, however, so it could be a good week to make up some of the ground he lost. Standings: 8th, 400 points9. Brad Keselowski      Outlook: Keselowski and Harvick nearly smashed each other up pretty bad on pit road, but the reigning champ still finished 16th despite the miss. Still, it was enough to move up a spot in the standings ahead of his home race. Standings: 9th, 398 points10. Tony Stewart         Outlook: And this is why Tony Stewart is a three-time champion. The driver/owner was able to steer out of a swerve in traffic on a restart that likely would have ended his day. Instead, he finished fourth and has risen seven spots in the standings in the past two weeks alone. Standings: 13th, 378 points11. Jeff Gordon             Outlook: Gordon’s primary sponsor recently renewed its contract with Hendrick Motorsports through 2016. For the soon-to-be-42-year-old, it called into question if he’d be around to see the end of the deal. Fortunately for the sport of NASCAR, it sounds like he could. Standings: 11th, 393 points12. Greg Biffle               Outlook: Given all the issues that Roush Fenway Racing and the other Ford teams have had this season, it was huge for Biffle to earn his first top-10 since Texas. Standings: 10th, 395 points13. Kurt Busch              Outlook: Busch is certainly pleased with his seventh-place finish (even if it did come a spot behind his little brother) and from the sounds of it, he knew nobody was beating Jimmie Johnson. Standings: 15th, 374 points14. Denny Hamlin               Outlook: Hamlin needs wins. There’s no way around it. He’d even be willing to risk blowing an engine if it meant he’d have a better shot at getting one.Standings: 25th, 285 points15. Paul Menard            Outlook: Thanks to a tire problem on the last lap, Menard’s 30th-place finish has him dropping even further down the standings. His early-season success is becoming a distant memory and it’ll be tough to regain it with other drivers heating up. Standings: 12th, 385 points16. Joey Logano             Outlook: Logano wasn’t able to commit to his full weekend plan of running in both the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Iowa and the Cup race at Pocono where he was the reigning winner, but his substitute filled in admirably. Standings: 16th, 369 points17. Ryan Newman             Outlook: It wasn’t conventional by any means, but it worked. Newman’s pit strategy was a huge factor in his top-five finish and his squad may want to consider more Hail Mary-type moves if he plans on making the Chase. Standings: 18th, 363 points18. Martin Truex Jr.          Outlook: No, Truex didn’t blow his engine on Sunday. A 23rd-place finish ahead of a Michigan track he’s only mediocre at (four top-10s in 14 tries) doesn’t bode well for a return to a Chase spot. Standings: 17th, 364 points19. Aric Almirola               Outlook: Dave Blaney might not be happy with Almirola after sending him for a spin, but it isn’t like the driver of the No. 43 did so hot himself. Almirola finished a paltry 21st. Standings: 14th, 377 points20. Juan Pablo Montoya   Outlook: The momentum that Montoya has been building didn’t take much of a hit with a 14th-place finish, but it’s tough to really say he kept the momentum he had after a solid Dover run. It’s a fair assessment that he has June 23 circled on his calendar when the first road-course race of the season takes place at Sonoma. Standings: 22nd, 337 points In the rearview 5. Clint Bowyer             Outlook: Whether or not Bowyer was trying to match his car number or he was just tired from wheeling around a shopping cart late last week, 15th-place finishes aren’t what he is looking for right now. Standings: 3rd, 452 pointslast_img read more

Nationwide qualifying live from iowa

first_imgWATCH: Fantasy sleeper picks Follow Nationwide qualifying live from Iowa Speedway, Saturday, Aug. 3 WATCH: Who will win at Pocono? WATCH: Joey Logano video blogcenter_img MORE: WATCH: Take a lap around Poconolast_img

The Nth Power Delivers Heartfelt and Extended Performance in Portland

first_imgThe Nth Power arrived in Portland on Friday the 13th as a part of their massive Abundance Tour and delivered a passionate headlining performance at the Mississippi Studios. Playing as a supporting role for Turkuaz for much of the tour, it was clear the band was eager to showcase their formidable chops and ability to dig deeper into each selection from their growing catalog.After a raging set from Portland’s favorite power trio, The Quick and Easy Boys, The Nth Power stepped on stage at 10:45pm to a sizable audience, many seeing them for the first time. Playing only ten songs in their nearly two-hour set, each selection was given the full treatment of a band bursting with inspiration.They opened with their sexy-crooning, hard-rocking number, “Holy Rain.” Frontman Nick Cassarino let the crowd know right away that this would be a night celebrating love, as he delivered his silky smooth vocals while the band laid down a sultry groove. Getting straight to the heart of the night, the band followed with their most well-known and representative anthem, “Only Love.”Percussionist Weedie Braimah was not present on this night, so where his trademark solos are often placed, there was a bit of musical space to fill. Chairman of the boards, Courtney Smith has been consistently blossoming with each performance since joining The Nth Power and used his ample abilities to help fill that void with soul and vigor.After showing their gratitude for life during the song “Thank You,” the band hit one of the night’s highest points in the inspirational tune, “Right Now.” The always-incredible rhythm section of drummer Nikki Glaspie and bassman Nate Edgar had the whole room moving to the uplifting and danceable groove, as Cassarino lyrically delivered the sage advice: “Celebrate what you’ve been given, this life is so worth livin’, right now.”The always powerful, “Walk on Water,” came next, providing a perfect transition from serious to playful, as the band spoke to the crowd over a fun little groove before. Glaspie then announced it would become a “REMIX!” as the band dropped into another major highlight, working off a completely different arrangement of one of their original tunes, “Spirits.” This new rendition drew an audible reaction from the crowd as Nate dropped a bomb of the best kind alongside Glaspie’s J Dilla-inspired beat, while the band took the opportunity to bring the most of their musicianship to the best of the present moment.A rocking, “Soul Survivor” and tender “Home” brought a red-lining Cassarino guitar solo, into a beautiful rendition of the band’s hallmark tune, “Only You” to round out the set. The band returned for an encore, delivering a ferocious and compelling 13+ minute version of, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” that moved through sections of psychedelia, tumult, and sublimity.The Nth Power is a band powered by love and brimming with inspiration. Being in their presence, one can’t help but absorb and take some of it with you. I think everyone could use a little more of that in their lives. Get out and celebrate life with The Nth Power in a city near you!The Nth Power at the Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR 5/13/2016 Setlist: Holy Rain, Only Love, Thank You, Right Now, Walk on Water, Spirits, Soul Survivor, Home, Only You, I Want You (She’s So Heavy) Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Bill Walton Pens Heartfelt Remembrance For Jerry Garcia

first_imgBill Walton may be known to some as a legendary NBA player, but to us he’s just one of our tallest family members. Walton has been a diehard Deadhead for decades now, even making his debut as a Rhythm Devil in the recent Dead & Company tour finale. With Walton’s high-profile fandom, the basketball player has shared some thoughts on the late great Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia in a new post on Mickey Hart’s website, on the 21st anniversary of Garcia’s death.Walton writes about his experience learning about Garcia’s death, the aftermath, and the legacy. You can read his note below.August 9, 2016It was 21 years ago, in early August. It was in the morning. I was at home in San Diego. The fog was still in. But it was bound to be another perfect day. It was summer in San Diego. I was playing the piano, practicing for the lesson that would come from Dmitry later on. The house and everything around was very, very quiet, just like always, before the children woke up. The phone rang. I never answer the phone when I’m working my way into the zone on the piano–the time and moments are just too precious. But for some reason, I got up, walked to the phone and picked up. It was Ram Rod. He was very quiet, and sad. Jerry had just died. And things were never the same again. Ever.A few days later there was a service, at Saint Stephen’s church in Belvedere, half-way up a small hill that jutted out into San Francisco Bay. It was foggy that day too. We got there real early. It was overwhelmingly sad. What to do ? What to say? Where to go?Everybody was there. Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter spoke. David Grisman played. Bob Dylan came to silently pray. So did Bruce Hornsby. Mostly, people cried. Sad, lonely and fearful tears fell like stones from our eyes. We stayed late, at the church, until there was nobody else there.Everybody reconvened at Bill Graham’s old house up on top of the hill. Michael Klein had bought it after Bill had died. There was no sense of time, or anything else. Everybody and everything was numb. Jerry was a rare and different force of nature. He personified excellence at whatever he chose to be important.Jerry lived in a sad, hard and cruel world that had grown dark and mean. But with a promise of the glow, he was able to beautify that existence with his spirit, his soul, his heart, his mind, his voice, and his guitar. Jerry could make people happy. He was happy himself. Life with Jerry was like a spiritual quest, but he didn’t see things that way– -at all—ever. He was fun, and he had fun. He was welcoming to so many; and the inclusiveness that was his own life was infectious. He had so many remarkable and enviable qualities. He was kind, sweet, playful, joyous, sharing, gentle,loving, contemplative, creative, imaginative, unpredictable, warm, funny, thoughtful, empathetic,adventuresome and innovative–for starters.And he was most curious about nearly everything; and more than willing to explore and experiment beyond the edge.Jerry was always able to float seamlessly between so many personalities: from the soft and awestruck freshness of a young child; to the rambunctious wildness and freedom from restraint of unbridled and unconquerable adolescence; to the laser focus and steeled determination of the guy charged with getting things done now; to the wizened sage of the poised, serious and composed master-teacher responsible for everything.But it was never easy for Jerry. Everybody always wanted something from him, mostly help. Of all the people I’ve ever known, Jerry and Bob Dylan always get the weirdest trips laid on their doorsteps. But Jerry had kindness, elegance, style and taste. He had incredibly high moral standards. And he wouldn’t get involved in things that he didn’t think were right or pure; nor sing songs that delivered a message that he thought inappropriate. Jerry carried a very heavy burden–the failures, flaws and limitations of others. But having given the best he had to give, his heart eventually just broke down. The load was simply too heavy.The scope of his life, dreams and aspirations were universal–and beyond, to places that only he could see, and get to.It was his selfless integrity, class and dignity, at an unparalleled level, that helped create the culture that was so alluring to all of us. And as his melodies touched the themes and chords of our lives, he sang directly to each of us about love, death, forgiveness and renewal. Jerry was a great leader in many classic ways. He made it fun. He made it fair. He made it authentically real. He made it cool. He made you want to come back for more–forever. He knew that the band had something very special going, and he was most often able to fight off the forces of greed and selfishness.At the end of the day, Jerry dreamed of a world as it could be. He was a man of honor who was personally able to make good things happen. And keep the bad things at bay. And that is really hard to do. And as we all said a long, sad, quiet, silent goodbye, we knew that it would never be the same again. We thank you, Jerry. We thank you for your sacrifice. We thank you for your life.We’ll always remember you, Jerry, more so today than ever before, now that we’re all alone, in the great unknown.~Bill Waltonlast_img read more

Phish Closes Out Lockn’ Festival With An Energetic Finale

first_imgLockn’ Festival seemingly pulled off the impossible when they booked Phish, a band that rarely plays festivals. Not only did promoter Peter Shapiro bring Phish to his event, but he engaged the band’s members with unique super group jams throughout the weekend. Between their jam-heavy show on Friday and sets with the live music scene elite on Saturday, the Phish crew were warmed up and ready for a Sunday show to close out the festival.Of course, Phish weren’t the only band who played the fest’s final day. The band followed greats like Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Phil Lesh & Friends and Gary Clark Jr., making for a dream day of live music. By the time Phish opened their show, fans were full of great music and beyond ready for the band’s headlining stage. The main stage was packed to the brim. The band opened their set with “Sample In A Jar,” setting the pace with an upbeat rock and roller. They found their way into a funky “Martian Monster,” and kept the energy high with “Axilla” and “The Moma Dance.” “Moma” had a nice jam section, and the band kept the energy up with “Halley’s Comet” and “AC/DC Bag.”Far from finished with their first set, the band slid into the relative rarity “Fuck Your Face.” Though the band played it last month, the Mike Gordon original is always a welcomed addition to any set. The short classic bled into “46 Days,” which saw the band stretch their legs before bringing out Fuego track “The Line.” After the slow down moment, the set kept rolling with “Limb by Limb,” nailing the song and its intricate vocal workings. Trey Anastasio stole the number with some great melodic guitarwork throughout the tune. He kept the energy high with “Possum,” which featured an awesome build-up jam. The set closed with an emphatic “First Tube,” with Trey ceremoniously holding up his guitar to end the song and set.To start the very last set at Lockn’, Phish hit the ground running with “Carini.” The song stayed in darker improvisational territory before Trey shifted into “Chalk Dust Torture.” Where “Chalk Dust” was energetic throughout, the following song “Twist” took a more patient approach. The slow building jam erupted towards the end, and the group found their way into “Light.”The “Light” was patient and melodic, as the band kept steadily climbing through a jam heavy second set. The show then erupted with a great version of “Tweezer,” with Trey getting things hot before Page McConnell let loose on the clavs for some pure Lockn’ funk. On a dime, the band spaced their way into Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter.” The first cover of the night was followed by the second, as “2001” continued to uplift the crowd.“Harry Hood” followed, perhaps providing the most uplifting moment of them all. The song was all emotionally charged jamming, picking up the crowd and bringing things to a true feel-good finale. It was “Tweezer Reprise” that ended the set; pumping things up for some serious rocking and rolling. It was The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup” that closed out the show, putting a powerful ending to a great showing. Though the setlist was a predictable one, Phish played it with an enormous enthusiasm, keeping the energy high and the jams flowing. Their presence put Lockn’ on the next level of live music events. We can’t thank the Lockn’ team enough for everything.Phish heads to Colorado next weekend for three nights at Dicks, before a fall tour in October. See the full Phish.net setlist below.Setlist: Phish at Lockn’ Festival, Arrington, VA – 8/28/16Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Martian Monster, Axilla > The Moma Dance > Halley’s Comet > AC/DC Bag, Fuck Your Face > 46 Days, The Line, Limb By Limb > Possum, First TubeSet 2: Carini > Chalk Dust Torture > Twist > Light > Tweezer > No Quarter > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Harry Hood > Tweezer RepriseEncore: Loving Cuplast_img read more

Ween Announces Three Night Run In Las Vegas, Their First Since 2005

first_imgThe Ween reunion dates keep coming in! Today’s announcement is a big one, as the band has revealed plans to play three nights in Las Vegas, NV in early 2017. The shows mark Ween’s first performances in Sin City since 2005, when they performed surrounding the Vegoose Festival over ten years ago. The excitement is palpable.Ween has been focusing heavily on multi-night runs across the country, and this is no exception. The band will set up shop at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas from February 17-19. Not only are these Ween’s first Vegas shows since 2005, but the run comes a full year after the band’s initial return to form in Colorado in February of 2016.One year later, and it’s nice to see that Ween isn’t slowing down in the slightest.Ween Announces Their First Release Since 2008, “GodWeenSatan Live”A pre-sale for tickets will begin tomorrow, October 25th, with the full on sale this Friday, October 28th. More info about tickets can be found here. We can’t wait to see what Ween will do over this President’s Day weekend celebration. ¡Viva Las Vegas!last_img read more

Analog Son Premieres Funky New Track To Promo New Album Featuring Members Of Dead & Co, Lettuce, Cheese, & More

first_imgThis Friday, Colorado-based funk ensemble Analog Son will be debuting their star-studded third release, Black Diamond. The beginnings of Black Diamond were born from Jazz Fest 2015, when cofounders Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman locked down time at The Parlor Recording Studio and had friends in New Orleans for the festival come through and record songs in line with their straight funk style. The album is set to be a scorcher, with Oteil Burbridge (Dead & Company), Alvin Ford Jr. (Dumpstaphunk), Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident), Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Nigel Hall (Lettuce), The Shady Horns (Lettuce/Soulive), and Gabe Mervine (The Motet), among many others, constituting some of the friends who make appearances on the album.To get people stoked on Black Diamond, which goes on pre-sale today before dropping officially on Friday, Analog Son is giving us a taste of what’s in store with the exclusive premiere of “Eyes For You,” a track featuring Corey Frye of The Main Squeeze. You can check the track below.While Jordan Linit describes Analog Son’s studio projects as “Steely Dan style” because each record features 25 or 30 people, Black Diamond marks a decided shift from their origins as a solely studio project, particularly as they continue to expand their tours and bring their funky sounds to eager audiences across the West.Linit elaborated on this change, “It’s definitely a different mindset than just going in the studio and laying down a bunch of random funky fusion tracks. Now, we’re thinking about creating songs that are going to come across in a fun, live setting. Plus, we’re getting to know our fans more and more and what makes them tick. For us, it’s all about feeding off the energy of the people who enjoy our music, which can happen at a show but also through our records.”To celebrate the release of the full album, Analog Son is finishing up their recent tour with a hometown throwdown at The Bluebird in Denver, CO on Friday. Tickets for the release party for Black Diamond are available here. To buy the album, you can pop over to Analog Son’s website, where presales for the new album opened today.last_img read more

Ween Hosts Marriage Proposal On Stage, Rocks Hard To Close Out Vegas Run

first_imgFor the third consecutive night, belovedly brown band Ween set up shop at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV for the finale of their run. Though there was no shortage of hits from Ween throughout the night, the set was marked by a unique event: a marriage proposal.About halfway through the set, the members of Ween called upon the happy couple and let the magic of romance in Vegas fill the air. The two diehard Ween fans had a bit of a mishap when they couldn’t find the engagement ring, but quickly sorted it out and celebrated the big occasion. It was a triumphant moment of Ween fandom for all to enjoy.On top of that, this Sunday show was one of the band’s best yet, with incredible versions of songs like “Fluffy,” “Polka Dot Tail,” “Voodoo Lady” and many more. You can check out a couple videos from the night, of “Albino Sunshine Girl” and “Put the Coke on my Dick,” courtesy of Fatah Ruark’s Live Music Archive. A few more videos can be seen below, courtesy of ikwil70. Check out the full setlist below, as well as a photo gallery from Erik Kabik.Setlist: Ween | Brooklyn Bowl | Las Vegas, NV | 2/19/17Set: She Wanted to Leave, Buckingham Green, Spinal Meningitis, Beacon Light, Learnin to Love, Albino Sunburned Girl, Voodoo Lady, Big Jilm, Ooh Vah Lah, Stroker Ace, Put the Coke on my Dick, The Grobe, Licking the Palm for the Guava>> Mushroom Festival in Hell, Laura, Bare Hands, Marriage Mishap>>Deaner>>Iron Man intro, Fancy Pants, Touch My Tooter, It’s Gonna be a Long Night, Ace of Spades, Fluffy, Polka Dot TailEncore: Poopship Destroyercenter_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Twiddle Talks “PLUMP: Chapter 2” Ahead Of Its Release Tomorrow

first_imgTomorrow (Friday, April 28th, 2017), Twiddle will release PLUMP: Chapter 2, their follow-up to 2015’s PLUMP: Chapter 1. Since Chapter 1‘s release, the Vermont jammers have toured extensively, headlining clubs across the country and earning slots at some of the jam scene’s most prestigious festivals. Following the release of their new LP, the quartet looks forward to a summer of festival appearances, including Summer Camp, Bonnaroo, and Camp Bisco as well as their own homegrown Vermont events Frendly Gathering (June 29-July 1) and  Tumble Down in Vermont (July 28-29).Watch Twiddle Welcome Keller Williams For “Best Feeling” Cover At LOCKN’ [Pro-Shot]As the band (drummer Brook Jordan, bassist Zdenek Gubb, keyboardist Ryan Dempsey, and guitarist Mihali Savoulidis) embarks on this new “chapter,” we caught up with them to bend their ears about their summer PLUMPtivites:Live For Live Music: The new record (PLUMP Chapter 2) is about to be released; I know that must be exciting! Given how much Twiddle is known as a live band, are there challenges to capturing that live energy and spirit in the studio?Twiddle: It depends on what you’re going for. Some bands try and recreate their live sound in the studio and some bands don’t. With PLUMP, we were trying to lay somewhere between where we knew it would translate in a live environment and also have a recognizable studio quality during the listening experience. Having the ability to bring in horn, string, and lap steel players for the studio was something we can’t do live every show so having that added energy captured for the record is a real treat for us and our fans.L4LM: Several songs on the new album (such as “Juggernaut”) seem to have a different musical style that what we usually hear from you. What sorts of influences did you and the band have? Do you have a favorite track?Zdenek Gubb: I think the band prides themselves in crossing from one genre to the next, whether throughout a show, or even within a singular song. “Juggernaut” is probably one of our favorites. All four of us have our own separate influences, and that probably lends to the band’s multi-genre component.L4LM: Now that you’ve played the songs off of PLUMP Chapter 1 for a while, how have they changed?Mihali Savoulidis: All of our songs evolve and develop in the live sphere. Some more than others of course. If you dig deep enough, you can probably pinpoint some jams that ultimately became permanent parts of a song. Many Chapter 1 songs have become jam vehicles, too, so who knows how these songs could continue to ebb and flow in different directions.L4LM: Your fan base seems to be growing very quickly and Twiddle are now touring more than ever. What do you think were the best strides you made together last year?Brook Jordan: Tumble Down was incredible. Throwing our own two-day event in such a beautiful place like Waterfront Park in Burlington was super cool. Aside from that, PLUMP was the most important thing we did, in terms of making strides. Taken as a whole, there is a lot of music we are really proud of.L4LM: I’m sure you’re excited about the many festival bills you’re on for this summer including your own Tumble Down Festival (July 28-29). Which festivals are you most looking forward to as a fan of music?Brook Jordan: Frendly Gathering is always one of our favorites. This year we’re hosting Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Charles Bradley, Madaila, and a lot more. We’ve been playing Frendly since year one, and there is nothing better than getting to enjoy and experience an entire festival. It’s so rare to actually spend time with friends or family at a cool festival, because the band is usually on a tight schedule. Also, like Tumble Down, Frendly allows us to invite the Twiddle family up to our home state of Vermont.[photo by Daniel Ojeda]last_img read more

PREMIERE: Stelle Amor Makes Impressive Introduction On Debut EP [Album Stream]

first_imgAfter meeting Stelle Amor, you begin to realize why she stands at a towering 6 feet tall – it takes all that to contain her enormous personality, infectious laugh, magnetic energy, and that voice…. often described as “timeless,” blending various styles of soul, blues, alternative, and pop. Born in Kansas and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Stelle cut her teeth performing at age 18 by sneaking into Louisville’s Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar and hopping onstage to improvise blues vocals. Eventually, she moved out to Nashville to pursue her music. After initially being pushed toward country music, Stelle eventually began to cultivate a “soulternative” sound that highlighted her sultry singing voice. Today, Live For Live Music is excited to premiere Stelle Amor’s self-titled debut EP ahead of tomorrow’s official release.Says Stelle of the project, “This is my very first EP so I wanted to show my diversity of genres and really make a strong point through the song selection. These songs were shaped around a strong message or tell a story of how I got here. ‘Let’s Just See’ talks about a trip to Memphis I took with my producer; which was very inspiring and a huge turning point for everything. ‘Black Holes’ and ‘Problem Child’ are both songs written about past experiences that have really shaped me. ‘Bring It Back’ is one of my favorite songs on the record–it’s more light hearted, a reminder to just breathe and live life to the fullest!”Continues Amor, “We recorded in 5 different studios and even some parts in our home studio; this is an eclectic record and was pieced together over a year of sessions and lots of hard work. I was lucky to have Nashville’s finest help me put it all together.”You can watch the video for Stelle Amor‘s lead single “Get Right” below:With her soulful new EP, Stelle Amor and her band, including guitarist Derek Toa, drummer John Wood, and bassist Will Cafaro, are primed and ready to take Nashville–and the music world at large–by storm.You can stream Stelle Amor below: Stelle Amor will host a release show for the new EP at Exit/In in Nashville on Saturday, 5/20. For more information on upcoming performances, head to her website.last_img read more